Powder Coating

How does a production agency get involved in powder coating?
It’s a question many of you undoubtedly ask yourselves, and rightly so.

We make metal and aluminum parts that, after the manufacture of the unfinished parts, are powder coated using highly elaborate processes and a custom-mixed powder in the client’s chosen color. In this case, the client is Mövenpick, for whom we produced spoon holders, ice cream cone holders, and napkin dispensers.

In the area of powder coating we work together with professionals in Germany, who have kindly made the pictures of their production shop available to us.

In addition to supplying Mövenpick with powder-coated products, we also attend to the particular powder coating needs of a broad spectrum of other clients.

What is your idea? Do you want to coat an engine, use a bicycle frame to advertise and promote your brand, or do you have some other unusual idea?

You can count us in!